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Joaquim Madeira


Joaquim Madeira white is a signature wine, with very particular characteristics, produced from Antão Vaz (30%), Chardonnay (30%) and Arinto (40%), manually harvested in a vineyard with red chalky soils. 

The Chardonnay and the Antão Vaz are jointly fermented in 225L French oak barrels, in a chamber with temperature control. Arinto is fermented in steel vats with temperature control.

The result is a very balanced, bodied, structured wine with rich tropical and citrus aromas. 

The original watercolour of the label was painted by Joaquim Madeira's wife, Graça. It evokes earth and firm soil, as a mirror of the character of the wine's author, and the body and structure of the wine itself.   

Tasting notes:

Colour: Citrus

Aroma: Blend of tropical fruits and citrus with evident presence of the oak where it fermented. Freshness and youth of the wine suggested by the acidity and the citric notes

Taste: Smooth with tropical notes and good acidity. The presence of the wood where it fermented integrate a blend of flavours that provide a remarkable harmony to the wine. Body, tropical and citrus fruits are characteristics of this wine, decisively influencing its balance. Persistent and extremely balanced finish.

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