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Casa de Sabicos

Aragonez & Trincadeira


This unbaked Casa de Sabicos is a field blend of Aragonez and Trincadeira grapes, in similar proportions, from vineyards with red chalky soils.

The grapes are harvested at night in the family's vineyards and fermented in temperature-controlled conic steel vats.

Without any aging in wood, it is a wine with typical characteristics of Alentejo wines due to the grape varieties that compose it, with a very fresh and smooth profile.

The original watercolor of the label, by Graça Santana Ramalho, represents a stylization of an Alentejo hill, where the simple austerity and, at the same time, open and inviting connection to the land reigns.

Tasting notes

Color: Ruby

Aroma: Notes of fresh red fruits.

Palate: Fresh, light, very fruity notes from Aragonez.

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