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Casa de Sabicos

Touriga Nacional & Aragonez


This wine is a blend of two grape varieties, Syrah and Aragonez in the same proportion, harvested in vineyards with red chalky and granitic soils.

The grapes are night harvested, to preserve the ideal temperature of the musts, and jointly fermented in conic steel vats with temperature control. 

It is a very aromatic wine, smooth with evident presence of black ripe berries and an excellent acidity.

The original water colour of the label, painted by Graça Santana Ramalho, represents an Alentejo typical cottage house, where simple austerity prevails along with the open and inviting connection to the land.  

Tasting notes:

Colour: Intense garnet.

Aroma: Very fruity, intense, fresh, with notes of ripe berries.

Taste: Soft entry, bodied, evident notes of ripe berries sloghtly sweet, with an excellent acidity, contributing to its balance and complexity. Long and persistent finish.

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