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Foral de Montoito


The Foral de Montoito white is produced with Antão Vaz (40%), Arinto (30%), Síria (20%) and Fernão Pires (10%) grapes, manually harvested in vineyards with red chalky soils. The grapes are fermented in steel vats with temperature control.

With a citrus colour, it is a young, fresh, fruity wine, with hints of tropical and citrus fruits.

Like the remaining Casa de Sabicos wines, the label of Foral de Montoito is designed from an original watercolour of Graça Santana Ramalho, the producer, with tones alluding to the citrus and tropical fruits that characterise the wine, and the light and abstract strokes of the watercolour highlight its youth.

The name Foral de Montoito is a tribute to the parish of Montoito, where the winey is located, which is holder of the charter of King Manuel I since October 25, 2017. 

Tasting notes:

Colour: Citrus

Aroma: Very fruity, tropical and citric notes. 

Taste: Good balance. The acidity, coupled with the intense fruits, provides a balanced tasting. Persistent freshness and youth at the finish, with intense fruit.

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