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Joaquim Madeira


This is a signature wine by Joaquim Madeira. It is a replica of the first wine that its author created in 1965, after completing his academic training. Produced from a blend of 14 traditional grape varieties from two old family vineyards, the same that were used in the first Joaquim Madeira of 1965, it has a profile similar to the traditional wine of Alentejo from the 60's. 

Following the joint fermentation of the grapes in conic steel vats, this wine aged for 15 months in new Portuguese oak barrels, followed by 3 years in chamber with temperature control.

Only produced in exceptional years when the 14 grape varieties present a homogeneous maturation, it is a very complex and full-bodied wine, with a unique profile.


The original watercolour of the label, painted by his wife, Graça, evokes earth and firm soil, as a mirror of the character of the wine's author and the body and structure of the wine itself.    

Tasting notes:

Colour: Deeply intense garnet.

Aroma: Complexity, mixture of jammy fruit, raisins, ripe wild berries, scents of Portuguese oak.

Taste: Very soft, fruity, good balance. The raisins and the jams in a perfect flavour that remains in the long, persistent finish, together with an excellent acidity.


Important remark:

This wine should be decanted. It presents deposit.

Ideal temperature: 18º C to 20º C.

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