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Avó Sabica


Avó Sabica is a very special wine produced only in exceptional years, from grapes exclusively harvested in a vineyard with poor granitic soils. Its plantation required the use of dynamite to remove the rocky outcrops, part of which was used to drain a water line. With a water table at a depth of 3-4 meters, the grapevine can naturally fulfil the entire vegetative cycle, particularly maturation.

Following the joint fermentation of the grapes Trincadeira, Aragonez and Alicante Bouschet in conic vats with a rigorous temperature control, the wine ages about 14 months in new French 225L oak barrels and at least 3 additional years in the bottle in a climatised chamber. 

The first vintage of Avó Sabica was 2004, followed by 2011 and 2013. Of the 2013 vintage, only 3800 numbered bottles were produced.


This exceptional wine was named Avó Sabica (Grandma Sabica) as a tribute to the matriarch of the Family, who lived in the 19th century. Ahead of her time, Avó Sabica was a simple, practical, decisive and full-hearted lady. 

The original watercolour of the label, painted by the great-grand-daughter of Avó Sabica (Graça), suggests several human figures, mother and children, in a chromatic whole that conveys the balance of the wine, which is simultaneously complex, rich, elegant and harmonious. 

Tasting notes:

Colour: Very intense garnet

Aroma: Very ripe dark fruit in perfect harmony with the aromas of the oak barrels where it aged. Complex aromatic balance with notes of spices and dark chocolate in a mighty, distinctive ensemble

Taste: Smooth, full-bodied, warm balance with evident presence of of ripe dark fruits perfectly balanced with the barrels’ toast. Still young, despite its age, with the tannins and acidity very present. Remarkably persistent finish, marked by complexity and balance, with notes of oak, bark chocolate and spices.


Important remark:

This wine should be decanted before being drunk.

Ideal temperature: 18º C a 20º C

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